Monday, February 18, 2008

By the Way

Famous writer Khagendra Sangraoula is talking with a baby (local girl of Luvu), premises of Kirat Temple, the day of Hiking Luvu-Jamirkot-Lakuribhanjyang-Godavari, organized by Martin Chautari.
For me, the memorable situation is: some friends ask to baby with showing NC 10 Rs. "Nani, do you know, how much is this?". She replied so fast. Second time they ask her with showing 20 Rs. Anyone can guess? what she replied??? She speek simply "If i can get this money, then i'll answer you". How smart !!!
When i was child, i never can talk with unknown person, even with the guest. May be there was so many aspect to do so. But when i show and meet today's child i feel happy with fear. Because, One generation is far away back, next generation is growing with vast speed and mecinary mind. I think im somewhere in between there and puzzling (how to manage?). I can't generalized with confidence (I may be wrong), just guess that, most of in between generation's of remote areas of Nepal are suffering like me.