Thursday, February 21, 2008

International Multilingual Day

[tribal people's(Janekuruba's)sweet home of Nagarhole forest, India.]

On primary class, teacher bit me as well other friends too. Because of speaking mother tongue. Reason, 1. All the teachers are from other communities and other district. 2. All the curriculam based on only Nepali language. 3. We never use second language on family, relatives or whole village too. (now i can read and write fluently in Nepali and hardly understand and write, so called international-english- language, so you can get much grammetical mistake in my kuti-blog). Currently, situation is transformed on just opposite direction. There is vast lingual different between elder and younger generation. Most of indigenous langauge are indangered and some are no more now. This is a big challange to all indigenous community, "How to preserve and promot the mother tongue withing the community itself?".

Ectually i don't know more about International Multilingual day. One of my sweet sister-friend (Smita) told me little bit last week. And i came to know that, 21 February is declare by UN as a "International Multilingual Day". Due to ediot loadshedding, i got chance to see most of newspapers. At the same time I read one article about multilingual system and Indigenous peoples' mother tongue on Gorkhapatra, (the daily newspaper) today.

Fortunately or unfortunately (??!!) I also belongs to Indigenous community by birth. (It may be/not be disappointing line for somebody else?). In fact, many people does not aware about the Indigenous community- specially who belongs to the same community. Likewise, my birth place also far away from all these things. I came to know before few years ago. Then... i think oh! myself, im a 'indigenous', now just added 'women' too. That means now i can say, i have a identity as a 'Nepali indigenous women'. In reality, even the government does not recogniged this identity till now. May be in proccessing???????

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