Saturday, February 16, 2008

Young Leader's Hug

Fantastic and lovely hug between Hari Roka (Member of Parliament) and Gagan Thapa (Student Leader, NC), click by Komal Bhatta. It was the gathering day, on the memory of Late Bela Mallik at Chautari. She was originally from Kerala-India. Who was one of the loving-caring-hardworking-inspiring-helpfull and simple person of the world. That day, everyone shared and reveal their experiences, feelings and attachment towards Bela And Thomas. And discussed more about her contribution to Nepal, Nepalese People and movement of Nepal.
I saw that day, everyone's eyes are dim and Some are crying with/(out) sound. She passed away but still alive in every person's heart and mind. Bela was mindblowing, and special for everyone (including me). I got lession and inspiration from Bela to love everyone, always be happy and do something (what you can do). I always feel you are alive and supporting us. Head's upon to you Bela.


Unknown said...

it is really a nice picture and obviously a warm hug.

Nepali TigeR said...

yea people die but their imortal things the will left to us we have to learn everything from them and we have to try to be same like them
but when.....? i believe that what ever you learned you will use where needed.