Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A MUSICAL STAGE: very close to nature

Wow!!! when i show this picture. I feel peace,clean and very close to nature. For that im greatfull to Fireflies and team member. Siddhartha sir guide us and explain all about the sorrounding things of fireflies. So many heart touching things are there. But now im going to write something about the Music festival.

I got the invitation from Fireflies once again. But i got different subject matter then previous. And i open my file and see the pictures of fireflies. I have got nostalgia. By the way, (Sister Amala and Shabin) i still remembering a Bhajan-dance "Radhe Radhe Radhe Govinda Bolo, Govinda Govinda Govinda". That was my first experience. That's why i got to chance to learn so many thing first time in my life. Once again thank you for all of you (more than that i can't do- may be?).

I read [The time hase come form the 2008 "Fireflies Festival of Music" on 23rd February. This year's Fireflies Festival of Music has as its theme “Concern for the plight of Adivasi's (tribals) in India"]. Different national and international musical band or groups are going to performe in that stage. For more information go through the

Just a imagination, Every tree, brances of the tree, leaf will happily dancing whole night with melodious music and all the participants.

I just love and like the music......

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