Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Colourfull Holi

Happy Colourfull Holi to all the viewers.

This picture help me to recall the colourfull and memorable holi celebration in my life. When we were preparing for the SLC exam. That was my first and interesting holi celebration. After that, yearly painfull Lola celebration is going on, going on, and just going on continuesly. Ooops, How insensitive situation!!!

Specially the girls are facing the Lola problems. In the same time, we can read many painfull experiences and observation on National daily newspapers (eg. yesterday and today's Kantipur, Naya patrika). Everyone knows, it is not enough to prevent the Lola culture. But it is a uncollective and unofficial voice of bitter truth, which reflect that, Our traditional culture becoming a worse and painfull culture in our society. Due to lack GOV. administration Dep. and discourage attitude of Lola using culture, accident and unwanted events are happening. And victims are totally helpless. In my personal view, anti-lola and mutual holi celebration campiagn should be raised strongly as soon as possible. If not every individual's effort and reaction could not sound (to)- who may concern.

Besides all the bad and good sides, once again happy holli and hoping to celebrate the mutual holi.

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Unknown said...

I live in a cold-dark lonely place

a place as dark as the bruise on my face.

There are people around as far as I see

But no one – not one - dare I ask to help me.

My life is one of anger and fear

I’m always afraid when he comes near.

I hold my tears as I silently cry

Knowing soon his fists will fly.

The beatings are hard – so full of hate.

Oh how much more can my body take.

I’ve learned to separate me from myself

It no longer hurts when he uses the belt.

I know there are laws to protect those like me

But leaving’s not easy – please try and see.

My life is colored in black and in blue

Please – oh please – don’t let it happen to you.

Always remember you are worth so much more

Never let anyone push you to the floor.

Stand up and know you are somebody good

And make him treat you just as he should.

The very first time fists come at your face

Run as fast as you can to a place that is safe.

Don’t do as I do – please do as I say

So you won’t be writing these same words one day.